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Complete plastics and PVC Wiring solutions.



We are an industry supplier of Plastic Injection moulded components, wire harnesses, PVC wires, power cords, PU/Chrome plated plastic components and Condenser assembly for refrigerators.

Our three group units are Pan Plast Private Limited and Jayen electrolinks private limited based in Derabassi, Punjab and Nia Plast private limited based in IMT Manesar, Gurgaon.

For the past 20 years, as a family owned and operated business, we have consistently embraced innovation to provide a superior level of excellence.

To us, it's about being meticulous every step of the way ,We put considerable effort into ensuring that customers enjoy the best price possible. And, we place the highest priority on guaranteeing complete satisfaction – accomplished through on-time delivery and unwavering customer service.

We are a strategic supplier to Godrej & Boyce and have been associated with them the past 20 years and an industry supplier to Secure Meters, Videocon industries, Eveready and Philips (Through their Manufacturing Subsidiary Elin Appliances), Rosmerta Autotech etc, Voltas LTD, Berger Paints etc.



  • Injection Moulding:
    We have a fully automatic injection moulding setup consisting of machines from 80T to 450T capable of moulding components upto 1400 grams. All our machines are of Toshiba/L&T Make. We currently mould all types of polymers like polypropyene, ABS, polycarbonate, PBT, GPPS etc.
  • Wire Harness and PVC Wires:
    All processes including wire extrusion, wire processing are done in-house giving complete control over the quality and flexibility over the quantity. Wire sizes are being manufactured in our plant for use in the appliance industry, PCB meters, automobile limit switches etc. All wire products are IS 694 Compliant.
  • PU/Chrome plated components:
    We have a fully automatic line at our sister concern for Chrome Plated Plastic components and PU Coated Plastic Components.
  • 3 Core power cords:
    We are manufacturing 3 core power cord for use in refrigerators and other appliances. The plug top of the power cord is IS 1293 Compliant and the cord is IS 694 Compliant.
  • Condensers:
    Fully automatic plant for manufacturing of condenser assembly for refrigerator manufacturing companies.



We simply get the job done. Below you'll find a detailed list of the machinery in our facility.

  • Toshiba injection moulding machines capable of moulding components upto 1600 grams in GPPS.
    • Lowest tie bar injection moulding machine – 420mm x 420mm
    • Highest tie bar injection moulding machine – 720mm x 720mm
    • Fully automatic setup equipped with a chiller and mould temperature controllers enables us to process tough polymes like polycarbonate with ease.
  • Automatic and semi automatic crimping machines capable of crimping all types of terminals for the appliances industry as well as the automobile industry.
  • Vertical moulding machines capable of moulding 2 pin and 3 pin plugs as well as child parts.
  • Fully automatic wire extruders capable of producing different size wires from us in various industries.
  • Chrome plating – currently we are plating ABS Components like refrigerator handles, lock tops for the appliances industry. Fully automatic line capable of plating components for the appliances as well as automobile industry.
  • Fully equipped lab for testing of electrical components. Compliance to BIS 694, BIS 1293 and IEC 60227 being maintained.
  • Fully functional tool room for maintenance of moulds for injection moulding.


We have been associated with some of the top companies of INDIA for the last 20 years. Our customer relationships have been successful because of rigorous and timely improvements done in the manufacturing systems as well as quality management systems.

Participation in the industry vendor cluster conducted by CII gave us an insight into the latest manufacturing techniques and systems being employed by some of the best companies and we in turn have incorporated these practices into our systems.

This has granted us a preferred level of supplier status with many respected companies – a status we worked hard to achieve, and one we take pride in maintaining.


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